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"I endorse this message ...": video of lecture bits

I gave a talk on Nov. 2 for Spitfire Communications, an organization that counsels groups that fund and participate in public-advocacy communications. Subject was "science communication problem," and argument was that it can be solved only by integrating evidence-based methods into science communications practice. Slides here.

Spitfire has posted the talk. What's more, they've posted a set of expertly edited excerpts (45 secs to 3 mins in length), each of which addresses a discrete theme. They seem almost like political-campaign advertisement spots -- although obviously, I'd have to be running for a very strange office & making a case to a very unusual sort of electorate... But a testament to their editing skills that they were able to catch me uttering single sentences less than 5 mins in length!



Full lecture

On motivated reasoning

On identity-protective cognition

On "public irrationality" thesis

Why spokespeople matter

"Closing thoughts" on the science communication problem

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