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Cross-cultural cultural cognition road trip: Australia

I was soooo psyched that Guy, S., Kashima, Y., Walker, I. & O'Neill, S. Investigating the effects of knowledge and ideology on climate change beliefs. European Journal of Social Psychology 44, 421-429 (2014) were able to make good use of the cultural cognition worldview scales in their study of Australians' perceptions of beliefs about climate change that I've decided to go & investigate matters there for myself.

I'll be giving these open lectures in Melbourne next week:

Thursday, Aug. 14

12-2:00 pm: "What is 'cultural cognition'? I'll show you!"
Monash Univ. Building 8, Theatre R7

6- 7:00 pm: "Climate science communication & the Measurement Problem 
RMIT Univ., Kaleide Theatre

I'm very excited about the trip.  In addition to exchanging ideas with scholars and curious people generally, I look forward to meeting some of the local luminaries including:


Carl Williams: Local buisness community leader


Johnny Ibrahim: Nightclub owner

Ron Clarke: C'mon! Everyone knows him!!!!


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Reader Comments (1)

Dear Mr. Kahan,

I am working on a documentary directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy, about the future of food. Our documentary is focused on the questions -- Will we be able to feed an estimated nine billion people by 2050? And can we do it in a sustainable way or will we further damage ourselves and our planet in the process?

We are fascinated by your work and would like to discuss this topic with you in relation to cultural cognition. I understand you're traveling, so would love to know when you will be next available. I would love to set you up with a conversation with our director and producer of the film.

Maria Chiu

August 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMaria

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