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MAPKIA! Episode #73: half-time update!

The competition in the ongoing "MAPKIA!"!

Remember, the question is

What sorts of individual characteristics or predispositions, if any, account for the observed relationship between vaccine- and GM-food-risk perceptions and what, if anything, can we learn about risk perceptions generally from this relationship?  

and was inspired by discussion summarized in yesterday's post & by this graphic 

@Mw, a four-time winner of MAPKIA going for her record-breaking 5th title, suggested these hypotheses and models:

Model-construction & testing is underway!

But it's not too late to enter if you have a competing or complimentary/supplementary hypothesis & testing strategy!

(And don't forget, even if you finish 2d, there is still a chance you'll be declared the winner if post-event drug testing reveals that the the reader who posted the winning entry, in violation of Macau Gaming Commission officials rules, wasn't under the influence of performance-enhahncing drugs!)

Am closing off comments here; post your hypotheses, thoughts, etc. in the comment thread for yesterdays's "MAPKIA!"! post.

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