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In Montreal, asking philosophers (& others) to help make sense of Pakistani Drs & Kentucky Farmers

As the 1.4 x 10^10 regular readers of this blog know, I've committed this summer to visiting every country in the world to introduce people to the Pakistani Dr and the Kentucky Farmer.  

So I've done UK (England, Wales) & France.  

Today is Canada.  

Next week Macao (CCP headquarters-- ironic that I haven't even done a talk there on this topic!).  

Then N. Korea. Then Netherlands Antilles, & after that Las Vegas.  

Then I'll be all done!

I'll be giving today's talk as my contribution to this really cool panel:

This is a great venue for discussing the Pakistani Farmer & Kentucky Farmer b/c I think philosophers really need to get in on this issue.  I'm convinced the empirical study of "belief/disbelief in" both evolution & climate change is a matter being impeded by a failure to engage reflectively with the concept of "belief," & that philosophers are best situated to help empiricists here see that. 

Maybe I'll have something more to say about this event "tomorrow."

Anyway, turns out Manny & Krista are attending this conference, too!

Total coincidence--they just came b/c Krista really "likes learning about this stuff" and because Manny had nothing else to do, having refused to get a job for the summer to protest the failure of the U.S. to furnish free universal college education.


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Reader Comments (2)

Are you sure it's not 10 x 1.4^10?

Or maybe 10 x 10^1.4?

July 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Gelman


I can say w/ 95% confidence that it is in between 1.4 x 10^0 and 1.4 x 10^10 (b/c studies show that readers' cultural worldviews cycle over the course of the month, the precise # varies)

July 6, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterdmk38

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