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Still time to get your "entry" in for MAPKIA #939! But hurry!

5-time MAPKIA winnder, @Mw. Sure she uses performance-enhancing drugs -- & so can you!In recognition of the impact that the Macao internet outage has had on the posting of entries in the ongoing "MAPKIA!" contest, we are extending the time for posting entries.  

Besides, literally 10^3s (figureatively speaking) of entries have been delivered offline by emails, fedex deliveries, telegraphs, mental telepathy & other alternative channels during the outage (thank goodness they found the squirrel who was gnawing on the internet tubes and reclocated him to one of the nation's 10^3s  "wildlife" preserves (figureatively speaking)). It's going to take me a while to process all of them!

So just go to the "comments" section for the post & make your own predictions (supported by a "cogent" theory)--right now while there is still time to compete for the fame & notoreity--not to mention cool prizes!--that winning a MAPKIA confers!

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