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Let me at 'em -- again! SCS returns to the cage to whup on CRT & evolution belief...

Well, the Science Curiosity Scale (SCS), having watched from the sidelines “yesterday” as CRT and AOT went head-to-head (surely not toe-to-toe) on belief in evolution got pretty restless & decided she had to climb back  into the ring—I mean steel cage—to get a piece of the action.

oooooo.... the carnage!As we all know, SCS mauled the hapless trio of Ordinary Science Intelligence (OSI), Actively Open-minded Thinking (AOT), and the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) on belief in human-caused climate change.

Whereas the latter three were all associated with the magnification of political polarization over climate change, SCS alone was associated with greater acceptance of it regardless of partisan identity.  It is plausible to see this result as reflecting the power of science curiosity to counteract “motivated system 2 reasoning” (MS2R), the tendency of cognitively sophisticated individuals to use their advanced reasoning proficiency to reinforce their identity-defining beliefs.

Well, SCS decided to come out of retirement & duel CRT again, this time on evolution.

As Jonathan Corbin noted “yesterday,” CRT predicts belief in evolution only conditional on religiosity. That is, it predicts greater belief for non-religious folks, but not for religious ones.

This is consistent with MS2R: disbelief in evolution being an identity-defining belief, one would expect religious individuals who are higher in cognitive proficiency to be even less likely to believe in it.

One can corroborate this more readily with the Ordinary Science Intelligence Assessment, a measure of cognitive proficiency that is more discerning than the 3-item CRT test. Because the CRT throws away information on variance for half the population, the picture is blurrier, although with a large enough sample, one can still see that the trend in belief in evolution is negative, not just flat, as it appears in the left panel here:

But anyways, it’s not negative or flat—it’s positive for SCS, as shown in the right panel.

Here's your raw data, btw! Drink up! That is, SCS, unlike CRT, predicts greater acceptance of evolution unconditionally, or regardless of religiosity (which is defined here via a scale that aggregates frequency of prayer, church attendance, and importance of religion in life).

Well, there you go: another day, another steel-cage motivated reasoning mauling at the hands of SCS!

The question is why? And who--who are these guys??

You know, I thought I “had this all figured out.” Then we just b/c someone will surely ask: the relationships between religiosity & CRT & SCShappened to take a peek at how SCS, developed to advance God’s plan (she’s got a sense of humor just like everyone else!) of promoting enjoyment of cool movies about evolution & other science topics, relates to polarized science issues.

Now I’m confused as hell all over again.

Asked & already answered: CRT & SCS relationshipGood.  If there is a hell, the suffering one is made to experience there forever isn’t being too hot (that’s just Connecticut in August).

It’s being bored b/c everything you look at comes out the way you expected.

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