#scicomm question: what communicates essential information more effectively--unfilled overlapping pdd's or filled/transparency ones?
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 9:48AM
Dan Kahan

Been having more fun with Stata 15's new transparency feature but was wondering if maybe I'm neglecting communication effectiveness in favor of some other aesthetic consideration.

So tell me: Which looks better--this

 or this?


Both convey the same info on how "high numeracy" & "low numeracy" study subjects do on a covariance problem, the numbers of which are manipulated to make the right answers either identity-affirming or identity-threatening.  What they are both illustrating, then, is that high numeracy subjects lose nearly all their accuracy edge when they analyze covariance data that contradicts their political presuppositions and thus threatens their cultural identity.

So assume an attentive reader comes across this point in the text and is directed to look at the Figures to make the point even more vivid.  Does one of these graphic reporting methods work better than the other?

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