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Thanks to 14 billion speaking as 1, is free once more!

Besieged by 14 billion frustrated, angry posts, Twitter relented & lifted the ban on tweets linking to www.cultural (an episode that now ranks 3d on the list of strangest thing ever to happen to the site on the internet; see one & two).

On net, this was a super positive experience: the aggravation associated with the loss of 2 days of access for site-related tweets was more than offset by the gratification I experienced upon witnessing this widespread, public-spirited & generous support.

I’m not sure yet whether I owe any particular person $1000 (if I do, he or she should speak up!), but I do owe a much larger quantity of gratitude to many  people.  The way to repay them, I think, is to be sure I follow their example the next time I happen upon someone who is being treated in an arbitrary & capricious way.

Oh, last thing: if a twitter robot was the agent of the temporary ban on links, I want him or her to know that I haven’t changed my position on robots.  All of us – naturally & artificially intelligent —learn from our mistakes!

Small sample of supportive tweets

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"Besieged by 14 billion frustrated, angry posts, Twitter relented & lifted the ban" - another victory for consensus messaging!

July 22, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJonathan

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