Introducing .. the Millenials! They like to go to the zoo!
Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 8:41AM
Dan Kahan

As part of the CCP Science of Science Filmmaking project, I've been digging around in our existing data sets trying to learn more about the propensities of Millennials. I will share now & again tid bits that seem worthy of note.

So ... here's one thing: the Millennials are more likely to go to the zoo than are members of other age cohorts:

Does this surprise you? Or did you know of course Millennials are more regular zoo goers (many of the older ones with children in tow, points out Loyal Listener Gaythia Weis).

In the future try to predict things like how the Millennials size up, say, on the Science Curiosity Scale or on the Ordinary Science Intelligence assessment and we'll find out how good a sense you really have for cohort-effects in relation to science communication.

For purposes of this and future entries, the age cohorts birth years are as follows:

Millennials: 1982-1999
Generation X:  1965-1981
Boomers: 1946-1964
Silent generation: before 1946


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