More glossary entries: pattern recognition, professional judgment & situation sense
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 2:04AM
Dan Kahan

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Pattern recognition. A cognitive dynamic in which a person recognizes some object or state of affairs by matching it (preconciously) to a rapidly conjured set of prototypes acquired through experience. [Source: Margolis, H. (1987), Patterns, Thinking, and Cognition (Univ. Chicago Press. Date added Jan. 29, 2018.] 

Professional judgment.  Domain specific “habits of mind” (most likely specialized forms of pattern recognition) that guide domain experts (e.g., judges). [Source: Margolis, H. (1996), Dealing with risk : why the public and the experts disagree on environmental issues. (University of Chicago Press.). Date added Jan. 29, 2018.] 

Situation sense. Karl Llewellyn’s description of domain-specific habits of mind, acquired through education and experience, that enable judges and lawyers to rapidly and reliably converge on case outcomes notwithstanding the indeterminacy of formal legal norms. [Source: Llewellyn, K. (1989), The Case Law System in America (M. Ansaldi, Trans.).  Date added Jan. 29, 2018.]

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