Miss the posts on the CCP dictionary/glossary, whatever? Well, here you go-- CRT & numeracy.
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 4:28PM
Dan Kahan

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Cognitive Reflection Test. A three-item assessment of the capacity and disposition to override judments founded on intuition. Regarded as the best meausure of a person’s propensity to overrely on heuristic, System 1 information processing as opposed to conscious, analytical System 2 information processing.  [Frederick, S. (2005), 19, J. Econ. Persp.; Kahneman & Frederick (2005), in The Cambridge handbook of thinking and reasoning  (pp. 267-293). Dated added: Feb. 7, 2018.]

Numeracy. An assessment test that measures the apptitude to reason well with quantative information and draw appropriate infereneces therefrom. [Peters, et al. (2005) , Psych. Sci., 5, 407-13.   Dated added: 2/7/18. Dated added: Feb. 7, 2018.]                     


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