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Science Curiosity and Political Information Processing

What Is the "Science of Science Communication"?

Climate-Science Communication and the Measurement Problem

Ideology, Motivated Cognition, and Cognitive Reflection: An Experimental Study

'Ideology' or 'Situation Sense'? An Experimental Investigation of Motivated Reasoning and Professional Judgment

A Risky Science Communication Environment for Vaccines

Motivated Numeracy and Enlightened Self-Government

Making Climate Science Communication Evidence-based—All the Way Down 

Neutral Principles, Motivated Cognition, and Some Problems for Constitutional Law 

Cultural Cognition of Scientific Consensus

The Tragedy of the Risk-Perception Commons: Science Literacy and Climate Change

"They Saw a Protest": Cognitive Illiberalism and the Speech-Conduct Distinction 

Geoengineering and the Science Communication Environment: a Cross-Cultural Experiment

Fixing the Communications Failure

Why We Are Poles Apart on Climate Change

The Cognitively Illiberal State 

Who Fears the HPV Vaccine, Who Doesn't, and Why? An Experimental Study

Cultural Cognition of the Risks and Benefits of Nanotechnology

Whose Eyes Are You Going to Believe? An Empirical Examination of Scott v. Harris

Cultural Cognition and Public Policy

Culture, Cognition, and Consent: Who Perceives What, and Why, in "Acquaintance Rape" Cases

Culture and Identity-Protective Cognition: Explaining the White Male Effect

Fear of Democracy: A Cultural Evaluation of Sunstein on Risk

Cultural Cognition as a Conception of the Cultural Theory of Risk

Rebecca Wexler

Rebecca is currently a law clerk to the Honorable Katherine P. Failla of the Southern District of New York. She will begin as an Assistant Professor of Law at the UC Berkeley School of Law in 2019. She previously clerked for the Honorable Pierre N. Leval of the Second Circuit. Rebeca has worked as a Yale Public Interest Fellow at The Legal Aid Society's criminal defense practice; a Lawyer-in-Residence at The Data and Society Research Institute; a Justice Stevens Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation; a Visiting Scholar at the UC Berkeley School of Law Human Rights Center; and a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. Rebecca is a graduate of Harvard College, Cambridge University, and Yale Law School, where she was awarded the Nathan Burkan Prize for Best Paper in the Field of Copyright Law, and received the Miller Prize for Best Paper Concerning the Bill of Rights two years in a row. While at Yale, she served as a Forum Editor for The Yale Law Journal.  She is a member of the New York bar.

Prior to attending law school, Rebecca made documentary films for national broadcast television, museums, and educational distribution. She was a 2012 Senior Fulbright Advanced Research and Lecturing Scholar in Sri Lanka. From 2010-2011, she co-founded and served as instructor for the Yale Visual Law Project.