Osi 2

The materials on this page relate to the data reported in Kahan, D.M. “Ordinary Science Intelligence”: A Science Comprehension Measure for Study of Risk and Science Communication, with Notes on Evolution and Climate Change. J. Risk Res. (2016), advance on-line publication, 10.1080/13669877.2016.1148067 and Kahan, D.M. & Corbin, J.C., A Note on the Perverse Effects of Actively Open-minded Thinking on climate change polarization, Research & Politics, 3(4):1–5 (2016) (“Perverse effects”).

Also included is data from the blog post “Mystery solved? Age, political knowledge, and political polarization.”

Please contact me if you find any glitches etc in any of these files!

OSI_2.0 Codebook
     OSI.dat (stata)
OSI.csv (comma delimited)

Material for Perverse effects
     aot.dta (stata)  
 aot.csv (comma delimited)
Analysis script 1 for Perverse effects (Stata)
     Analysis script 2 for Perverse effects (R)            
on-line Appendix
     Reply to Baron (in http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/2053168016688122)

Mystery solved?
 Stata data set
CSV data set
Partial codebook

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