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Dan Kahan's Publications 

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Book and book chapters: 

Making Climate-Science Communication Evidence Based—All the Way Down. In Culture, Politics and Climate Change, eds. M. Boykoff & D. Crow, pp. 203-21. (Routledge Press, 2014).

Cultural Cognition as a Conception of the Cultural Theory of Risk, in Handbook of Risk Theory: Epistemology, Decision Theory, Ethics and Social Implications of Risk 725-760 (eds. Hillerbrand, R., Sandin, P., Roeser, S. & Peterson, M.)  (Springer London, Limited, 2012).

Two Conceptions of Two Conceptions of Emotion in Criminal Law: An Essay Inspired by Bill Stuntz, in The Political Heart of Criminal Procedure,  (David Skeel Michael Klarman & Carol Steiker eds., 2011).

Emotions in Risk Regulation, in Emotions and Risky Technologies (Sabine Roeser, ed. 2010)

A Cultural Critique of Gun Litigation, in Suing the Gun Industry (Timothy Lytton, ed., Univ. Mich. Press 2005) (with Don Braman and John Gastil)

The Logic of Reciprocity: Trust, Collective Action, and Law, in Moral Sentiments and Material Interests: On the Foundations of Cooperation in Economic Life (Herbert Gintis, Samuel Bowles, Robert Boyd,& Ernst Fehr, eds., MIT Press: Cambridge, 2005)

The Progressive Appropriation of Disgust, in The Passions of Law (Susan Bandes, ed., NYU Press 2000)

Theories, Anti-Theories and Norms: A Comment on Nussbaum, in The Path of the Law and Its Influence: The Legacy of Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr. (S. Burton, ed., Cambridge Univ. Press 2000)

Urgent Times: Policing and Rights in Inner-City Communities (Beacon Press 1999) (with Tracey Meares)

Academic journals:  

'Ideology' or 'Situation Sense'? An Experimental Investigation of Motivated Reasoning and Professional Judgment,  164 U. Pa. L. Rev. (forthcoming). (with David Hoffman, Danieli Evans, Neal Devins, Eugene Luci & Katherine Cheng).

Geoengineering and Climate Change Polarization: Testing a Two-channel Model of Science Communication, 658 Annals Am. Pol. & Social Sci. 192 (2015) (with  Jenkins-Smith, J., Taranotola, T., Silva C., & Braman, D.).

Why we are poles apart on climate change, 488 Nature 255 (2012)

The polarizing impact of science literacy and numeracy on perceived climate change risks, 2 Nature Climate Change 732 (2012) (with Ellen Peters, Maggie Wittlin, Paul Slovic, Lisa Larrimore Ouellette, Donald Braman & Gregory Mandel).

"They Saw a Protest": Cognitive Illiberalism and the Speech-Conduct Distinction, 64 Stan. L. Rev. 851 (2012) (with David Hoffman, Danieli Evans, Donald Braman & Jeff Rachlinski)

The Cultural Orientation of Mass Political Opinion
, 44 PS: Political Science & Politics 711 (2011) (with John Gastil, Don Braman & Paul Slovic), doi:10.1017/S1049096511001326

Cultural Cognition of Scientific Consensus, 14 J. Risk Res. 147 (2011) (with Hank Jenkins-Smith & Donald Braman), on-line publication at 

The WEIRD Are Even Weirder Than You Think: Diversifying Contexts Is as Important as Diversifying Samples, 33 Behavioral & Brain Sci. 87 (2010) (with Stephen Ceci & Donald Braman)

The Economics—Micro-, Behavioral, and Political—of “Subsequent Remedial Measures” Evidence, 110 Colum. L. Rev. 1116 (2010)

Some Realism About Punishment Naturalism, 77 Univ. Chi. L. Rev. 1531 (2010) (with Donald Braman & David Hoffman).

Who Fears the HPV Vaccine, Who Doesn't, and Why? An Experimental Investigation of the Mechanisms of Cultural Cognition, 34 L. & Human Behavior 501 (2010) (with Donald Braman, Geoffrey Cohen, Paul Slovic, and John Gastil) (SSRN version)

Fixing the Communications Failure, 463 Nature 296 (2010)

Culture, Cognition, and Consent: Who Perceives What, and Why, in "Acquaintance Rape" Cases, 158 U. Pa. L. Rev. 729 (2010)

Cultural Cognition and Public Policy: The Case of Outpatient Commitment Laws, 34 L. & Human Behavior 118 (2010) (with Donald Braman, John Monahan, Lisa Callahan, & Ellen Peters)

Nanotechnology and Society: The Evolution of Risk Perceptions, 4 Nature Nanotechnology 705 (2009)

Cultural Cognition of the Risks and Benefits of Nanotechnology, 4 Nature Nanotechnology 87 (2009) (with Donald Braman, Paul Slovic, John Gastil & Geoff Cohen) (SSRN version)

Whose Eyes Are You Going to Believe? Scott v. Harris and the Perils of Cognitive Illiberalism, 122 Harv. L. Rev 837. (2009) (with David Hoffman & Donald Braman)

The Self-Defensive Cognition of Self-Defense, 45 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 1 (2008) (with Donald Braman)

Two Conceptions of Emotion in Risk Regulation, 156 U. Penn. L. Rev. 741 (2008)

The Cognitively Illiberal State, 60 Stan. L. Rev. 115 (2007)

Culture and Identity-Protective Cognition: Explaining the White Male Effect in Risk Perception, 4 J. Empirical Legal Stud. 465 (2007) (with Donald Braman, John Gastil, Paul Slovic, & C.K. Mertz)

What's Really Wrong with Shaming Sanctions, 84 Tex. L. Rev. 2075 (2006)

Cultural Evaluations of Risk: "Values" or "Blunders"?, 119 Harv. L. Rev. F. 1110 (2006) (with Paul Slovic)

Fear of Democracy: A Cultural Evaluation of Sunstein on Risk, 119 Harv. L. Rev.1071 (2006) (with Paul Slovic, John Gastil & Donald Braman)

Cultural Cognition and Public Policy, 24 Yale L. & Pol'y Rev. 149 (2006) (with Donald Braman)

Modeling Facts, Culture and Cognition in the Gun Debate, 18 Social Justice Res. 203 (2005) (with Donald Braman & James Grimmelman)

Updating the Study of Punishment, 56 Stan. L. Rev. 1171 (2004) (with Tracey Meares & Neal Katyal)

The Theory of Value Dilemma: A Critique of the Economic Analysis of Criminal Law, 1 Ohio State J. Crim. L. 643 (2004)  

The Logic of Reciprocity: Trust, Collective Action, and Law, 102 Mich. L. Rev. 71 (2003)

More Statistics, Less Persuasion: A Cultural Theory of Gun-Risk Perceptions, 151 U. Penn. L. Rev. 1291 (2003) (with Donald Braman)

Caught in the Cross-Fire: Defending the Cultural Theory of Gun-Risk Perceptions, 151 U. Penn. L. Rev. 1395 (2003) (with Donald Braman)

Reciprocity, Collective Action, and Community Policing, 90 Calif. L. Rev. 1513 (2002)

Trust, Collective Action and Law, 81 B.U.L. Rev. 333 (2001)

Two Liberal Fallacies in the Hate Crimes Debate, 20 L. & Phil. 175 (2001)

Gentle Nudges vs. Hard Shoves: Solving the Sticky Norms Problem, 67 Univ. Chi. L. Rev. 607 (2000)

The Secret Ambition of Deterrence, 113 Harv. L. Rev. 414 (1999)

Privatizing Punishment: Strategies for the Private Enforcement of Norms in the Inner-City, 46 UCLA L. Rev. 1859 (1999)

Shaming White Collar Criminals: A Proposal for Reform of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, 42 J.L. & Econ. 365 (1999) (with Eric Posner)

Democracy Schmemocracy, 20 Cardozo L. Rev. 795 (1999)

Law & (Norms of) Order in the Inner-City, 32 L. & Soc'y Rev. 805 (1998) (with Tracey Meares)

Reallocating Interpretive Criminal-Lawmaking Power in the Executive Branch, 61 L. & Contemp. Probs. 47 (1998)

Is Ignorance of Fact an Excuse Only for the Virtuous?, 96 Mich. L. Rev. 2123 (1998)

The Anatomy of Disgust in Criminal Law, 96 Mich. L. Rev. 1621 (1998) (book review)

The Coming Crisis of Criminal Procedure, 86 Georgetown L.J. 1153 (1998) (with Tracey Meares)

Social Meaning and the Economic Analysis of Crime, 27 J. Legal Stud. 609 (1998)

Punishment Incommensurability, 2 Buff. Crim. L. Rev. 691 (1998)

Ignorance of Law Is an Excuse -- But Only For the Virtuous, 96 Mich. L. Rev. 127 (1997)

Some Realism About Retroactive Criminal Lawmaking, 2 Roger Williams L. Rev. 95 (1997)

Between Economics and Sociology: The New Path of Deterrence, 95 Mich. L. Rev. 2477 (1997)

Three Conceptions of Federal Criminal Lawmaking, 1 Buff. Crim. L. Rev. 5 (1997)

Social Influence, Social Meaning, and Deterrence, 83 Va. L. Rev. 349 (1997)

Is Chevron Relevant to Federal Criminal Law?, 110 Harv. L. Rev. 469 (1996)

What Do Alternative Sanctions Mean?, 63 Univ. Chi. L. Rev. 591 (1996)

Two Conceptions of Emotion in Criminal Law, 96 Colum. L. Rev. 269 (1996) (with Martha Nussbaum)

Lenity and Federal Common Law Crimes, 1994 S. Ct. Rev. 345

Note, A Communitarian Defense of Group Libel Laws, 101 Harv. L. Rev. 682 (1988)

Other publications:

Ending Polarization: The Good News About the Culture Wars, Boston Review, March/April 2006, at 18 (with John Gastil & Donald Braman)

Public-Order Policing Can Pass Constitutional Muster, Wall St. J., June 15, 1999, at A18 (with Tracey Meares)

When Rights Are Wrong, Boston Rev., Apr./May 1999, at 4 (with Tracey Meares)

It's a Shame We Have None, Wall St. J., Jan. 15, 1997, at A16

Curfews Free Juveniles, Wash. Post, Nov. 14, 1996, at A21

Defending the Gang Loitering Law, Chi. Trib., Dec. 31, 1995, Sec. 1, at 19

Emotions Weigh in the Balance, L.A. Times, July 25, 1995, at B9 (with Martha Nussbaum)