Some more canned data on religiosity & science attitudes

As I mentioned, in putting together a show for the National Academy of Sciences, I took a look at the 2014 GSS data.

Here’s a bit more of what’s in there:

Actually, the left-hand panel is based on GSS 2010 data. But I hadn’t looked at that particular item before.

The right-hand panel is based on GSS 2008, 2010, 2012, & 2014.  It is an update of a data display I created before the 2014 data (the most recent that has been released by the GSS) were available.

If, as reasonable, you want  confirmation that the underlying scales I’ve constructed are reliabily measuring the disposition that we independently have good reason to associate with religiosity, here are how these survey respondents respond to the GSS’s “evolution” item:

I still find it astonishing that there isn’t a more meaningful difference in the attitudes of religious & non-religious respondents on the “science attitude” measures.  Guess I had a case of WEKS on this.

But these data do reinforce my view that religion is not the enemy of the Liberal Republic of Science.

There are  much more serious destructive forces to worry about . . . .

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